Each single t-shirt we make is created from scratch, by hand. Uniquely handcrafted in Peruvian Pima or Tanguïs cotton by our artisans. We know and work directly with every single person involved in the creation of your t-shirt.


Our quality is the result of three essential components, all driven by the same goal, to make of X-Shirt, the last t-shirt you will ever want to wear.


We all are driven by our passion. The passion to transform the best cotton in the world to make a statement product for our nations. So that each of us that form the X-Shirt Nations, from the farmer that handpicks the cotton to our members who proudly wear our t-shirts know and share our values and goals to become part of the solution and have a real and global impact.

The Best Cotton

Located at the feet of the Andes mountains, Peru’s millennial cotton tradition has brought the world two of the best cotton fibers ever known to exist.


Tangüis (long staple)

In the late nineteenth century, Fermin Tangüis developed a new variety of cottonseed of thick long staple, easy to spin and dye, and with such hydrophilicity that led to a fabric of outstanding quality. The uniform long staple Tangϋis cotton outstands for its whiteness, strength and softness. This one of a kind cotton is highly absorbent and can retain 24 to 27 times its own weight.


Clothes made from Tangüis cotton are breathable as it rapidly absorbs and releases perspiration.


Pima (extra-long staple)

 Peruvian Pima cotton (Gossypium barbadense) became the best cotton in the world thanks to the excellent natural conditions of the fields in the north of Peru where it is handpicked to prevent damage to the fiber.


This cotton has extraordinary length, fineness and softness that enables the production of a uniform and resistant yarn for the manufacture of fabrics demanded by the most discerning markets.


Having the best cotton would be nothing if we couldn’t transform it under the the best conditions. From the cotton farm of the north of Peru, the raw material is fully transformed in the country, thus reducing the transport while giving us full access to the supply chain.



We work exclusively with vertically integrated provider that fully manage the whole production supply chain (ginning, spinning mill, fabric production and manufacturing) and have their own infrastructure and air conditioning systems expressly designed to produce efficiently the most demanding orders.


This wide range of processes is done with suitable equipment from first-tier suppliers and with chemicals inputs and dyes from renowned international houses, under the OEKOTEX100 certification.



Once the cotton fabric matches our specifications, it is handled to small tailo workshops located in Gamarra, the textile center of Lima. There, we work directly with artisans that that are fully part of the X-Shirt team.


They cut by hand all the pieces that will form our future t-shirt according to the design of the series. The individual final assembly creates what we call X-Shirt, a high quality t-shirt, 100 % made in Peru.


We consider our design in two steps. The first is by working with selected graphic artists and the second is printing those exclusive designs on the t-shirts, color by color, by hand, to obtain a limited edition piece of art, using our X-Shirt as a canvas.


Creative Design

We select graphic artists from around the world to create unique arts pieces to illustrates each series of X-Shirt we produce for our nations. They are carefuly selected as we make sure that they not only reflect the style we try to bring on each collection but also to share their sensitivity with the selected community they design for.


Screen Printing

Screen printing can take many different forms but X-Shirts selects again small printing workshops where the dexterity and craftsmanship of the artisans that work for us lets us create intricate designs that not only use the t-shirt as the canvas but make it integrally part of the artwork, thus creating unique piece of arts that are unique to those handmade techniques.