Our Nations

X-Shirt aims to make a global, high impact change to the textile industry with the objective to bring total and real time transparency on the whole supply chain.


To reach this goal, we identify online niche markets that have active and passionate members. We work directly with the people of influence and leaders of the community to create a new brand to reach “the most fans of the fans”, thus creating a collection of high quality t-shirts for which an affectionate and emotional connection is created so they can share their passion in style.

A-Shirt.club (Apple fans t-shirts)

A-Shirt is X-Shirt’s first “Small Nation” and has served as a proof of concept to validate our business model. Launched in december 2014, A-Shirt reached it’s first 150 members within the first week of operation and had more than 300 annual members after 6 months.

C-Shirt.club (Coffee fans t-shirts)

Created with Compadre, a Peruvian solar coffee toaster. This “Small Nation” aims to the most passionate coffee lovers with a unique twist in our model. Subscribe for one year and you will not only receive 4 of our uniquely designed X-Shirt but each time, you will discover a new taste of freshly solard toasted coffee from a different producer

L-Shirt.club (Lego fans t-shirts)

What other brand can touch the heart of both kids and adults than Lego ? Adults lego fans will forever have a children spark and this “Small Nation” build around the most fans of Lego will not only let you wear your passion in style but make sure that your impact contributes to give the future Lego fans a better place to live.

M-Shirt.club (Magic fans t-shirts)

Magic fascinates and is an endless source of surprises that teases our brains and sharpen our senses. Share your passion for this millenial art through a unique collection of t-shirts that will display unique designs to show the world the magic that is around you.

Create a new x-shirt nation with us

The more X-Shirt nations we create, the closer we will get to our goal to positively impact the global textile industry.


You know a niche markets with at least 1’000 people that would pledge for a yearly subscription around a share passion ? Get in touch with us and we will get back to you asap.