What the industry pays

  • Cotton & Fabric
  • Confection & Design
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Fixed costs
  • Sales channel
  • Profits
  • Lost inventory

What X-Shirt pays

  • Cotton & Fabric
  • Confection & Design
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Fixed costs
  • Reinvested profits

Did you know that the price to manufacture your traditional industrial t-shirt is as low as $1, while the raw material travels tens of thousands miles between each step of its transformation process before finally reaching the hand of the clients, often making more than once a round trip around the world.

When you wear an X-Shirt, you not only wear long lasting quality, you also are part of the change that allows people to make a real living of a job they are now passionate about. Thanks to you, the real value of each step of the creation of a t-shirt is respected and everyone down the line is fairly paid for its work.

The Impact of the X-Shirt Nations

X-Shirt ultimate goal is to bring full transparency to the textile supply chain. Each of X-Shirt nations and members directly contributes to this change. Every time someone joins one of our nations, we get closer to real actions that participate to a larger, more global impact that contributes to change how today’s textile works.


Phase 1 – A-Shirt (COMPLETED)


This is the first milestone we set to reach. Reaching 150 members guaranteed our first phase of launch to assure a full year of production.



Reaching this milestones is key to test our production capacity and refine our supply chain. We have enough volume to buy a larger quantity of cotton of our choice directly from the fabric manufacturer

Phase 2 – X-Shirt (In Progress)


Reaching one thousand annual members, we reach a critical mass to launch the development of our mobile App. It is a key component to the X-Shirt strategy to offer a real time access and transparency to our manufacturing process. Our mobile App will expand our initial use of the Qr Code, already printed in all the t-shirt we have produced since 2014. Members will get notified during the different steps of production, will be able to personalize their t-shirt, follow the full supply chain and get an augmented story for each of the t-shirt we create.



This milestone officially starts the formalization process of the two workshops we work with. It guarantees our partners to have a full turnover of order with us, thus giving them enough work (and time) to fully incorporate their workforce into a formal entity. It gives full time work to 15 people.

Phase 3 – R & D (To achieve)


With eight thousand members, we can start financing a research collaboration with the UTEC University and obtain additional State funding to investigate three main directions that we already have identified.

  • Engineering research – Improvement of the screen printing tools with the goal to create new low cost and open source printing gears aimed at improving the quality and execution of the artisan workshops
  • Trace-ability research – Thanks to a simple and low input supply chain, our goal is to implement existing technologies (Qr Codes, Mobile Apps, RFID, GPS & other sensors) to create a real time supply chain platform
  • Field research – While cultivating the best cotton of the world, Peru faces challenges such as water supplies and soil erosion due to intensive culture. Sensors and drones are two low cost technologies that can capture precious data to improve cotton culture, thus reducing its environmental impact.