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logo_bigX-Shirt vision is to bring full transparency to the textile supply chain. We do this by creating “Small Nations” of passionate people that join to share their passion through exclusive, high quality t-shirts 100% made in Peru.


We believe in the value of the human being and the power of the crowd.


By creating unique collections of t-shirts for online communities of passionate people, we can quickly gather a large number of members from all over the world that will not only be able to share their passion wearing high quality and uniquely designed t-shirts, but that can also have a real and durable impact on the life of the millions of people working in the textile industry in Peru and around the world.

X-Shirt mission is to create the best t-shirt our members will ever wear. But more importantly to do it with the same passion that drives us from the beginning and make sure that our members know each of the person that has contributed to the creation of its t-shirt.

ashirt_bigWe created and launched A-Shirt in December 2014 to validate our business model. It was our first “Small Nation”, dedicated to the most fans of the Apple community.


In less than three days, we reached 100 members. Since then, we created an exclusive collection of seven t-shirts and the A-Shirt nation is still growing strong, gathering new Apple fans that want to share, in style, their passion for their favorite brand.


This is how X-Shirt works. See A-Shirt in action to get an insight of how the power of online communities can create a long lasting global impact.

What We Don’t Want

X-Shirt controls the complete supply chain of its production. We know every single person involved in the confection of our t-shirts. Sustainability and transparency are not a marketing, it is embedded in our DNA.


We are located in Peru because we know that we can produce t-shirts with the best cotton in the world. But also because everything, from the cotton plant to the finished t-shirt is produced here, fully under our control and supervision.


The clothing business is deeply broken and the examples below are only one of the many problems that are created by an industry that constantly push to lower and lower prices, despising the most basic human rights, environmental rules and, at the end, their own clients!

Human Right Violations

Unfortunately, egregious human rights violations occur in cotton production in many countries around the world


Water Shortage

It can take more than 20,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of cotton; equivalent to a single T-shirt and pair of jeans. 73% of global cotton harvest comes from irrigated land


Heavy Pollution

Fast fashion brands are being linked to devastating water pollution in the Chinese textile industry.


Learn how you can impact the global textile industry and become part of the solution by becoming a member of the X-Shirt Small Nations

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